Ongoing Theses

Topic Type of Thesis Author Supervisor
Emulated measurements modelling for digital twin based services Master Yingxuan Zhang Leonardo Carreras
Fault-Observer-based Distributed Control of Load Frequency in Multiple Area AC Microgrid System Master Braun Patrik Jan Tijani Salawudeen
Knowledge-based Control of Load Frequency in Microgrid System using Reinforcement Learning Master Nnamako Vincent Tijani Salawudeen
Analysis and Implementation of Post-Quantum Cryptography Algorithms into the SLUF Channel and the Arbitration Mechanism to Replace Classical Cryptographic Solutions Not Secure Against Quantum-Computer Attacks Master Roua Hamila César Cazal
Review of open-source energy modeling and optimization frameworks for urban energy systems Master Yuyang Sha Sebastian Uerlich

Cross-Language Compatibility for Julia Code through Automatically Generated C-Bindings

Master Laeticia Evertz Felix Wege
Design of ADRC inverter controller through multi-objective optimisation algorithm Master Yannik Jünke Asimenia Korompili
Real-time co-simulation platform for control structures of microgrid with virtual oscillator-controlled inverters Master Pooria Dinarvandi Asimenia Korompili
Sensitivity and Cost-Benefit Analysis of State-Estimation based Voltage Control for Distribution Systems Master David Alejandro Pacheco Castro

Mirko Ginocchi
Marco Pau

Sensitivity Analysis for a containerized distributed online voltage control Master Dipankar Banarjee Edoardo De Din
Mirko Ginocchi
Faster verification of MVDC control & protection with AI Master Ting Yu Ilka Jahn
Modular Design of Control and Protection Systems for Modular Multilevel Converters Using Graph Theory Master Maximilian Kleining Ilka Jahn
Analysis and Development of Blockchain-Predictive Application Layer for a Fast Operation of Blockchain Second Layer in Energy Systems Master Alisafa Gasimov César Cazal
Development of a digital twin for control and regulation in Unreal Engine Bachelor Jakub Biskup Leonardo Carreras
Sensitivity analysis of OPF problem in power distribution grids Master Muhammad Hiksas Mirko Ginocchi
Asimenia Korompili
Analysis and implementation of a Fast Blockchain second layer platform for Energy Systems Master MD Razaul Haque Subho César Cazal
Methodology for Ontology Development in the Building Energy Domain Master Yuting Gao Zhiyu Pan
Development of a Voltage Control for an Inverter Model in Real-Time Simulation Bachelor Matthias Mees Jan Dinkelbach
Development of an IEC61850 interface for blockchain communication in energy applications Master Irtaza Waheed César Andrés Cazal
Enabling AI-Assisted Real Time Data Processing in Satellites Master Ahmet Demirdas Stefan Lankes
Optimisation of control parameters of MMC converters in HVDC transmission application Master Ivan Braz Scarpa Pereira César Andrés Cazal

Sensitivity Analysis of a State Estimator and State Estimation Based Applications

Master Gianmarco Cocchi
Riccardo Scalabrin
Mirko Ginocchi
Development of a Blockchain-based topology creation and tracking for Distribution Networks with IEC61850 SCL files Master Finn Rahmann César Andrés Cazal
Thanakorn Penthong
Smart Building Domain Vocabulary Similarity Calculation applying Artificial Intelligence Approach Master Pan Guanchen Zhiyu Pan
Real-time Co-simulation Platform for Control Strategies for Grid-connection and Islanding of a Multi-bus Microgrid Master Samten Asimenia Korompili
Development of a State Space Nodal Solver for Real-Time Simulation of Nonlinear Component Models Bachelor Marvin Tollnitsch

Jan Dinkelbach
Ghassen Nakti

Identification of optimizatino potentials regarding energy usage by automatic detection and evaluation of control loops in complex energy systems Master David Gorgis

Florian Stinner (EBC)
Zhiyu Pan

Anomaly Detection of Outdoor Temperature Sensors Bachelor Thanh Le Nguyen

Florian Stinner (EBC)
Zhiyu Pan

Prototypical Implementation of a process automation system for testing control functions based on IEC 61850-6 Master Hendrik Fischer Gaurav Roy
Software Testing for Intermittent Computing Master Felix Hartlieb Stefan Lankes
Towards Multi-Objective Multi-Agent Optimization in Electrical Transmission System Master Veena Prakash Tantri Chijioke Eze
Last Resource letter development for Blockchain-based Critical Infrastructure Protection and Automation Master Leonardo Leonzi D'Allessandro César Andrés Cazal
Field-Programmable Gate Array based Real-Time Control and Simulation Master Hatim Abizer Kanchwala Steffen Vogel