HiWi/Student Assistant Positions


Here you can find current vacancies for positions as student assistant at our institute sorted by research teams.

Further information about the individual teams can be found on the research project pages.

Automation, Interoperability and Resilience Contact Language
Sensitivity Analysis of State Estimation for real Distribution Grids (in collaboration with E.ON) Mirko Ginocchi en
Sensitivity Analysis for power systems: a didactic tutorial Mirko Ginocchi en
Advanced Control Methods for Power Systems and HiL Contact Language
Development of GUI-based Tool for Partitioning of Power Converter Control Systems using Graph Theory Marc Moritz de/en
Support in the research project VirTuOS Anica Frehn de/en
Protection studies of DC distribution grids Amila Kaharevic en
Analysis of optimal power flow algorithm Asimenia Korompili en
Optimal power flow as microservice-tool for distribution management system Asimenia Korompili en
Simulation Infrastructure and HPC Contact Language
Offene Hiwi-Stellen zur Betreuung von Kleingruppenübungen Dr. rer. nat. Stefan Lankes German
Simulation Methods and Automation Software Solutions Contact Language
Development and validation of power system models for real-time eigenvalue extraction Georgii Tishenin de/en
Python Wrapper for VILLASnode Alexandra Bach
Felix Wege
Virtual Laboratory-as-a-service Based in Open-source Tools for the course “Measurement Techniques and Distributed Intelligence for Power Systems (MTDI)” Andres Acosta
Jan Dinkelbach
Co-simulation of Power Systems using Shifted-Frequency Andres Acosta
Jan Dinkelbach
Improved setting up of Distributed Co-simulation scenarios for Power Systems with Hardware in the Loop (HIL) Andres Acosta
Jan Dinkelbach
Modelling of Power System Components for a Digital Twin of the German Transmission Grid Matrin Moraga
Jan Dinkelbach
Simulation scenarios for evaluation of measurements in modern power systems Leonardo Carreras de/en
Power System Modelling and Simulation with the Open-Source Simulator DPsim

Ghassen Nakti
Jan Dinkelbach

Energy Flexibility Management and Optimization Contact Language
Assistance for AMPS Course Saloni Dhingra
Entwicklung eines digitalen Zwillings im Bereich Nahwärmenetze der 5. Generation im Reallabor Alexander Pastor de
Energy Management Systems and Data Analytics Contact Language
Data Integration with Ontology on the Fiware IoT platform Charles Emehel en
Software Development Support: Multistep CyberAttack Detection Co-Simulator

Abraham Obinwanne Ezema


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