FINESCE: Future Internet Technology for Smart Energy

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The Internet will continue to grow, develop and become more pervasive. Devices will become Internet-aware, allowing them to be monitored and controlled over the Internet. The vast amounts of data thereby generated will be processed using cloud computing. The EU is advancing Europe's competitiveness in Future Internet technologies and systems through the Future Internet Public-Private Partnership (FI-PPP), which was launched in May 2011. FI-PPP projects address different areas such as energy, health and media content, building on common FI technological components (called Generic Enablers) that are re-usable, open and interoperable with evolving infrastructure and technologies. The first phase of FI-PPP developed a set of FI use cases. The second phase, which is currently ongoing, is implementing a series of field trials of FI applications.


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Antonello Monti

Technical Manager


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FINESCE (Future INtErnet for Smart Utility ServiCEs) is a project in FI-PPP Phase 2, in which partners perform field trials of the use of Generic Enablers in the Smart Energy sector. The field trials produce technology components specific to the Smart Energy domain, called Domain-Specific Enablers (DSEs). The FINESCE field trials comprise 5 vertical work packages covering Smart Energy areas which are expected to gain most from the use of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and develop:

  • demand side integration solutions (for both heat and electrical loads) for mixed-use buildings in city districts;
  • industrial demand side response in a new electric vehicles factory which interworks with a cross-border Virtual Power Plant (VPP), comprising several Distributed Energy Resource (DER) sites in Belgium and Germany;
  • an energy marketplace to enable demand side response to varying energy production from DERs;
  • the control of electrical vehicle charging to balance DER supply and improved utility communications.

FINESCE has held dissemination events resulting in eleven SMEs (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises) joining the project as partners in summer 2014.. FINESCE has produced an Application Programming Interface (API) which allows these new partners to develop applications which interact with the field trials, supporting the creation of a network of smart energy application developers. For example, the API publishes data on the status of equipment such as boilers or coolers in the houses in the trials and SMEs can develop applications based on this data. This leads then to the FI-PPP Phase 3, in which competitions are being held for SMEs to participate in business acceleration programmes based on using FIWARE and the results of Phase 2 projects like FINESCE.

ACS is leading the technical direction of the project as technical manager. Also, ACS and EBC are involved in performing simulation activities in most of the field trial work packages. In FINESCE, simulation is used in order to

  • assist in the development of control and optimisation algorithms under controlled conditions;
  • verify algorithms before field tests;
  • perform large-scale testing or scaling up of trial systems, where the real trial system has a limited physical scope;
  • perform thermal simulation of the real buildings in the trial to provide input for algorithm development;
  • allow repeated tests with precise control of the test parameters, overcoming the situation in field trials where parameters are difficult to control (e.g. weather) and where tests may be difficult to repeat often;
  • allow iterative testing of various scenarios.

More information on FINESCE can be found on the website. In particular:




The General Meeting of the EU FP7 project FINESCE was held in Aachen.


Prof. Monti attendet the Smart Grid Summit in Malaga and presented the project "FINESCE".


Prof. Monti, Padraic McKeever and Mohsen Ferdowsi attends ECFI in Brussels in support of FINESCE. Prof. Monti gives a talk in the Energy Session.


Prof. Monti attends the Grid+ Meeting in Brussels and presents "FINESCE".


The general meeting of EU FP7 project FINESCE was held in Madrid with participation from ACS as Technical Management of the project and research representatives.


Prof. Monti, Padraic Mc Keever and Michael Diekerhof joined the General Meeting of the EU project FINESCE in Malmö.


Prof. Monti in Brussels for the first review of the EU Project FINESCE.


Prof. Monti in Malmö to join the FINESCE Innovation Day.


Prof. Monti and Padraic McKeever in Terni for the General Meeting of FINESCE.


ACS hosts a Workshop as part of Workpackage 5 in the EU-Project FINESCE.


Prof. Monti presents the EU-Project FINESCE at Utilinet and is voted as best presentation of the Conference.


Prof. Monti presents FINESCE at the National Research Council in Pisa.


Prof. Monti, Michael Diekerhof and Padraic McKeever attends the general meeting of the EU Project FINESCE in Dublin.


Prof. Monti and Bettina Schaefer participate to the kick-off of the EU Project FINESCE. FINESCE is a large project with 20 participants sponsored as part of the Public Private Partnership Future Internet. Prof. Monti serves as Technical Manager

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