Ongoing Theses

Topic Type of Thesis Author Supervisor
Reliability Analysis of 5G communication with effective redundant connectivity for substation automation Master Tuana Ensezgin Dhruvin Patel
Abhinav Sadu
Energy Management for Modular Multilevel Converter Based Electric Vehicle Charging Parks Master Carlo Danilo Sebellin Erdem Gümrükcü
Energy control of building zones with reinforcement learning Master Antonius Prasetyo Gonca Gürses-Tran
Real-time Capable Coupling of Simulation Software for a Scalable Integration of Dynamic Phasor and Steady State Electrical Grid Models Master Felix Wege Sonja Happ
Markus Mirz
Development of autonomous chargin/discharging algorithms for Battery Electric Vehicles at local energy communities using Multi Agent Systems Master Rohit Walia Maliheh Haghgoo
An online approach to optimize the charging plans of electric vehicles in fast-charging stations Master Xiaotang Bi Wilbert Rey Tarnate
Stability analysis of multi-terminal DC distribution grids Master Yong Yu Asimenia Korompili
Runtime Analysis and Optimization of a Power Systems Simulator Bachelor Tom Krippes Lukas Razik
Jan Dinkelbach
Model Based Fault Diagnosis for Photovoltaic Power Systems Master Manli Sun Ting Wang
Probabilistic load forecasting of electric vehicle fleets using Artificial Neural Networks Master Jan Konopka Charukeshi Joglekar
Erdem Gümrükcü
Development and optimization of a Rust based unikernel for AARCH64 Bachelor Leonard Rapp Stefan Lankes
Leveraging ensemble learning with AI-based forecasters to improve electrical load forecasting accuracy Master Oliver Weber Henning Wilms
Model Based Fault Diagnosis for DC Microgrids Master Liliuyuan Liang Ting Wang
Flipped Classroom: Construction of an Interactive Teaching Platform applied to an EECS Undergraduate Course Master Kaspar Laaser Steffen Vogel
Execution Time Prediction of GPU Applications Using Microarchitecture Analysis Master Bernd Rörick Niklas Eiling
Development of a Decentralized Agent System for Managing Electricity Usage within a Tenant Community Master Adnan Yaseen Padraic McKeever
Development of Coordinated Voltage Control in Distribution Grids considering Dynamic Phasor Simulations Master Junjie Zhang

Jan Dinkelbach

Edoardo De Din

Operation, Control Design and Stability Analysis of Offshore Multi-terminal Medium Voltage DC Grids Master Tanmay Kadam Sriram Gurumurthy
Design of an IoT Wireless Adapter for Digital Industrial Transducers Master Shashank Vookanti Carlo Guarnieri
Design of an IoT Wireless Adapter for Analog Industrial Transducers Master Srinivas Kadali Carlo Guarnieri
Power control of virtual oscillator based inverters in grid-connected mode Master Prashanth Hebbal Prakash Trung Tran Thai