FLEXMETER - Flexible smart metering with active prosumers




Horizon 2020 initiative for innovative services

Contributing to the EU H2020 initiative for competitive low-carbon energy, the project FLEXMETER will define a flexible smart metering architecture supporting innovative services for multiple energy vectors by:

  • Developing innovative services based on smart metering data for both prosumers and grid operators
  • Defining a multiservice approach to interconnect the metering infrastructure of different energy vectors
  • Developing a new smart metering system architecture, based on smart gateways connected to the prosumer side smart meters with standard protocols
  • Integrating substation smart meters for load balancing, optimal usage of distributed storage and fault detection in the Smart Grid
  • Developing efficient real time data processing and communication through innovative data aggregation, fusion and mining algorithms and strategies
  • Advancing non-intrusive load monitoring techniques for characterizing consumers’ behaviours

The project consortium is composed of partners from industry and academia from Italy, France, Romania, Germany and Sweden, together with the Joint Research Center of the European Commission. The consortium brings together expertise in energy distribution networks, digital networks and cloud computing, smart metering devices and retail market, competences fit for a holistic approach to energy services and data management.


Field Tests and Hardware-in-the-Loop platform for laboratory validation

Real time lab with RTDS Copyright: © Peter Winandy Real time simulation lab

The services and data aggregation, built from off-the-shelf technology of smart metering devices, shall be tested in the field in two sites, in Italy and Sweden. E.ON Sweden coordinates the demonstration site “Sustainable City Hyllie” in Malmö, an energy positive neighborhood, which is also a test site within the FI-PPP project FINESCE, in collaboration with the E.ON Energy Research Center.

The RWTH Institute for Automation of Complex Power Systems supports the field trials with lab validation, verifying testing scenarios prior to field deployment and testing supplementary scenarios, unfeasible in the field. Hardware-in-the-Loop, for hosting real hardware components in a simulated scenario, and multi-physics simulation, for interacting thermal and electrical systems, will be adopted for validation and integration purposes.




Dr. Marco Pau represented ACS at the final review meeting for the European Project Flexmeter. ACS had a key role in the project, by designing the real-time simulation platform used to test most of the use cases and by developing several algorithms as DSO services. More information about the final achievements of the project can be found at the homepage of the project. (see above)


Flexmeter activities were presented in Turin during the IEEE Internation Conference on Innovative Smart Grid Technologies (ISGT Europe). Marco Pau represented ACS at the Workshop.


ACS, represented by Marco Pau, hosted the M29 Flexmeter project meeting at the E.On ERC.


The half project review of FLEXMETER has been successfully held in Brussels on September 20th. ACS has a main role in the project for the off-line testing of the project solutions and presented a demo on Demand Response and a software tool aimed at the random generation of residential load profiles.

  EU flag Copyright: © European Commission

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation under grant agreement no 646568.