Abhinav Sadu



Abhinav Sadu was the former Team Leader for the Group Resilience and Interoperability in Smart Grids. During his PhD he has worked on the following projects:


His main research focus areas are:


Research Focus

  • Reliability evaluation of cyber-physical automation systems (specifically for distribution grid automation)
  • Stochastic evaluation of cyber-physical attacks on critical infrastructures
  • Application of GSA on evaluating the key components influencing the reliability of cyber-physical systems and identify most effective countermeasure to mitigate an attack on critical infrastructures
  • Application of blockchain for improving the resilience of the distribution grid automation system
  • Design of IEC61850 based automation of AC and DC distribution grids

  • Design of IEC61850 FLISR application

  • Applicability of cellular communication technology for distribution grid automation