Igor Sowa

M. Sc.

Team Advanced Control Methods for Power Systems and HiL

Igor Sowa
Lehrstuhl für Automation of Complex Power Systems


Gebäude: 4122

Raum: 02.27

Mathieustraße 30

52074 Aachen


Telefon: +49 241 80 49732
Fax Fax: +49 241 80 49709


Sowa, Igor Piotr; Tran, Trung; Heins, Tobias; Raisz, David Mark; Monti, Antonello; "An Average Consensus Algorithm for Seamless Synchronization of Andronov-Hopf Oscillator Based Multi-Bus Microgrids"; IEEE access, 9, 90441-90454
Tran Thai, Trung; Sowa, Igor; Raisz, David Mark; Monti, Antonello; "An average consensus‐based power‐sharing among VOC‐based distributed generations in multi‐bus islanded microgrids"; IET generation, transmission and distribution, 15, 792-807
McKeever, Padraic; Allhof, Manuel; Corsi, Antonello; Sowa, Igor Piotr; Monti, Antonello; "Wide-area Cyber-security Analytics Solution for Critical Infrastructures"; IEEE ENERGYCon'2020 : 6th IEEE International Energy Conference : 28th September-1st October, 2020, hybrid (virtual - physical) conference, Tunisia / hosted by: IEEE, IEEE Region 8, IEEE Africa, IEEE Tunisia Section, 34-37
Baranski, Marc; Storek, Thomas; Kümpel, Alexander; Blechmann, Sebastian; Streblow, Rita; Müller, Dirk; Gross, Stephan; Guarnieri Caló Carducci, Carlo; Haghgoo, Maliheh; Sowa, Igor; Monti, Antonello; Knorr, Martin; Wiemann, Stephan; Haupt, Lars; Seifert, Joachim; Sychev, Ilya; Fitzek, Frank; Krahmer, Sebastian; Gasch, Etienne; Schegner, Peter; Farac, Robert; Williams, Fiona; "National 5G Energy Hub : Application of the Open-Source Cloud Platform FIWARE for Future Energy Management Systems"
Sowa, Igor; Domínguez-García, José Luis; Gomis-Bellmunt, Oriol; "Impedance-based analysis of harmonic resonances in HVDC connected offshore wind power plants"; Electric power systems research, 166, 61-72