Thanakorn Penthong


Thanakorn Penthong

Institute for Automation of Complex Power Systems

Team Automation, Interoperability and Resilience


Building: 4122

Room: 02.21

Mathieustr. 30

52074 Aachen


Phone: +49 241 80-49723
Fax Fax: +49 241 80-49709


Ginocchi, Mirko; Penthong, Thanakorn; Ponci, Ferdinanda; Monti, Antonello; "Statistical design of experiments for power system protection testing: A case study for distance relay performance testing"; IEEE access, 12, 1-21
Penthong, Thanakorn; Ponci, Ferdinanda; "An Architecture for Rapid Transition to the Remote Mode of a Hands-On laboratory for education in Automation of Modern Grids During the Widespread of COVID-19"
Penthong, Thanakorn; Ginocchi, Mirko; Ponci, Ferdinanda; Monti, Antonello; "Testing Methodology for Performance Evaluation of Distance Protection Relays for Transmission Systems"; 2023 IEEE Belgrade PowerTech : June 25-29, 2023, Belgrade, Serbia / co-organizers: IEEE, IEEE PES - Power & Energy Society, Univerzitet u Beogradu Elektrotehnički fakultet, 6 Seiten
Penthong, Thanakorn; Ginocchi, Mirko; Ahmadifar, Amir; Ponci, Ferdinanda; Monti, Antonello; "IEC 61850-Based Protection Scheme for Multiple Feeder Faults and Hardware-in-the-Loop Platform for Interoperability Testing"; IEEE access, 11, 65181-65196
Penthong, Thanakorn; Gümrükcü, Erdem; Ponci, Ferdinanda; "Laboratory of Power System Automation: an example of activity"; 2022 IEEE German Education Conference (GeCon) : 11-12 Aug. 2022