Completed Master Theses

Topic/Abstract Author Supervisor
A Modular Communication Layer for Heterogeneous HPC Clusters Laura Fuentes Grau, 2023 Niklas Eiling
Development of a distributed optimization-based fast frequency control scheme for inverter-based power systems Marc Moritz, 2022 Tobias Heins
Stochastic Model Predictive Control for inverter based microgrid in islanding mode Alexander Fred Rolf Och, 2022 Martina Josevski
Design and analysis of a modified backward/forward sweep algorithm for distribution system state estimation Zid Tamim, 2022 Marco Pau
Developing a Precharging Control Strategy for Modular Multilevel Converter (MMC) based Delta Connected Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM) Md Zakaria Rahman, 2022 César Andrés Cazal
Analysis of Unikernel Security with a Focus on RustyHermit Leonard Rapp, 2022

Stefan Lankes
Jonathan Klimt

Analysis of Distributed Optimization Applications for Local Energy Systems Considering Low Voltage Grid Constraints Ming Cheng, 2022 Sebastian Schwarz
Power System Modeling for Simulation of Grid Dynamics using Shifted Frequency Analysis Martin Moraga, 2022 Jan Dinkelbach
Model Predictive Control for fast frequency response in Islanded Microgrids Gábor Szathmári, 2022 Martina Josevski
Grid Friendly Integration of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in the Distribution Grid Ugyen Chophel, 2021 Charukeshi Joglekar
Exploration and definition of the boundary conditions of cloudbased control systems using the virtual test bench ViTES Mario Schaar, 2021 Thomas Storek,
Stefan Dähling
Predictive Maintenance of Power System Assets via Deep Generative Models Sairam Mallapu Srinivasulu, 2021 Chijioke Eze
Coordination of Traffic Entities in Driving Scenarios using Model Predictive Control for Testing of Automated Vehicles Tammo Wittrock, 2021 Martina Josevski,
Hendrik Weber
Active Disturbance Rejection Control: Application in voltage regulation of DC/DC converters Pankaj Paresh Walvekar, 2021 Asimenia Korompili
System-theoretical representation of the grid simulator at the 4 MW system test bench at CWD Jens Sdun, 2021 Anica Frehn
Feature extraction for automata-based machine learning on future energy systems Zhihong Dou, 2021 Gonca Gürses-Tran, Thomas Storek (EBC)
Development of a Methodology for Feature and Model Selection for the Active Power Prediction in Electrical Grids Leonard Burg, 2021 Gonca Gürses-Tran, Prof. Reinhard Madlener (FCN)
Modellierung von Gebäude- und Anlagenverhalten mit maschinellem Lernen zur optimalen Steuerung in Demand-Response-Anwendungen Sebastian Uerlich, 2021 Sebastian Schwarz
Optimal Energy Management for Solar Powered Workplace Charging Station Yiwen Pan, 2021 Erdem Gümrükcü
Modelling and Control of AC/DC Microgrid Khalil Jebali, 2021 Asimenia Korompili
An Extension of Petri Net for Multi-Step Attack Detection in Power Systems Jin Wang, 2021 Hendrik Flamme,
Chijioke Eze
A cyber-physical approach to power system resilience using double virtualization Qiucen Lin, 2021 Nikolaus Wirtz,
Charukeshi Joglekar
Proving Correctness of a Memory Management System with Formal Methods in a novel Flow Michael Gehring, 2021 Stefan Lankes
Task Isolation to Improve Real-Time Capabilities Jonathan Schwender, 2021 Stefan Lankes
Observer Based Fault Diagnosis for DC Microgrids Yao Pan, 2021 Ting Wang
Traffic Simulation and Intrusion Detection using Machine Learning in IEC61850-based Networks Tanmoy Kundu, 2021 Hendrik Flamme,
Chijioke Eze
Stochastic Analysis Methods for the Assessment of Uncertainties in Complex Power System Applications Liming Yang, 2021 Sebastian Schwarz
Transfer of camera-based 2D tracking into the 3D space to localize a head mounted display in a dynamic environment Adrien Christian, 2021 Erdem Gümrükcü
Estimation of Power System Inertia Yingjia Zhang, 2021 Jan Dinkelbach,
Edoardo De Din
Transient Stability Analysis of Modern Power Systems using Dynamic Phasors Ghassen Nakti, 2021 Jan Dinkelbach
Design and Evaluation of Semantic Interface for IoI Devices based on NGSI-LD Liu Bang, 2021 Maliheh Haghgoo
Design and Evaluation of XMPP based on IEC 61850 for Smart Grid Application Yifeng Shen, 2021 Maliheh Haghgoo
Reinforcement Learning for Demand Response in Urban Energy Systems Vinay Kanth Reddy Bheemreddy, 2021 Thomas Schreiber,
Hendrik Flamme
Implementation and Analysis of Virtio-net for a Rust-based Unikernel Frederik Lukas Schulz, 2021 Stefan Lankes
Cloud-based Data Analysis for Predictive Energy Management in Battery Electric Vehicle Payam Fatehi Karjou, 2020 Erdem Gümrükcü
Design and evaluation of a web interface for Linked Data Platform Yanrui Wang, 2020 Maliheh Haghgoo
Optimal Scheduling of Energy Storage Systems for distrubution grids and its interaction with Real-Time Voltage Control Fabian Bigalke, 2020 Edoardo De Din
Development of a procedure for thermagraphie reconstruction of indoor spaces through sensor fusion of a thermal imaging dtector and a depht sensor Elfi Fertl, 2020 Carlo Guarnieri
Power Dispatching Controller for an Andronov-Hopf based Virtual Oscillator in Grid-connected Multi-bus Mircrogrids Tobias Heins, 2020 Trung Tran Thai
Comparative analysis of AOT and JIT compiled programs Yanfeng Lin, 2020 Lukas Razik
Probabilistic short-term forecase of distribution network load profiles using a machine-learning model Megha Shyam Golla, 2020 Gonca Gürses-Tran
Diagnosis of Sensor Faults in Complex Power Systems Botao Zhao, 2020 Ting Wang
Design and implementation of a virtualized yet modular motor inverter controller Michael Heinrichs, 2020 Stefan Lankes
Design and implementation of virtualized filesystem support for a Rust-based unikernel Thomas Lambertz, 2020 Stefan Lankes
Analytical Performance evaluation and Model Validation of Multipath TCP in Edge Computing-Enabled 5G Networks Philipp Bruhn, 2020 Dhruvin Patel
Smart Grids, Smart Homes, Smart Everywhere - Limits of Managing Complex Socio-Technical Systems Mohit Rajiv Dave, 2020 Prof. Ferdinanda Ponci,
Dr. rer. soc. oec. Reinhard Madlener
Investigation on Fault Location Algorithms For DC Distribution Networks by Means of Real-Time Simulation Xinrang Feng, 2020 Ting Wang
Performance Evaluation of the 5G Cloud Architecture in the Context of Smart Grid Applications Felix Maier, 2020 Stefan Lankes;
Dr. Fiona Williams (Ericsson Eurolab GmbH)
Design of an IoT Wireless Adapter for Digital Industrial Transducers Shashank Vookanti, 2020 Carlo Guarnieri
Design of an IoT Wireless Adapter for Analog Industrial Transducers Srinivas Kadali, 2020 Carlo Guarnieri
Fault Diagnosis in DC Distribution Grids Using Machine Learning Yingshui Tan, 2020 Ting Wang
Reliability analysis of 5G communication with effective redundant connectivity for substation automation Tuana Ensezgin, 2020 Dhruvin Patel,
Abhinav Sadu
Energy Management for Modular Multilevel Converter Based Electric Vehicle Charging Parks Carlo Danilo Sebellin, 2020 Erdem Gümrükcü
Real-time Capable Coupling of Simulation Software for a Scalable Integration of Dynamic Phasor and Steady State Electrical Grid Models Felix Wege, 2020 Sonja Happ,
Markus Mirz
Development of autonomous chargin/discharging algorithms for Battery Electric Vehicles at local energy communities using Multi Agent Systems Rohit Walia, 2020 Maliheh Haghgoo
Methods from the field of Reinforcement Learning for optimal control of thermal storage systems Tianyuan Wang, 2020 Thomas Bruno Schreiber,
Hendrik Flamme
Virtual oscillator based controlled inverters for Photovoltaic Application Han Min Htut, 2020 Trung Tran Thai
An online approach to optimize the charging plans of electric vehicles in fast-charging stations Xiaotang Bi, 2020 Wilbert Rey Tarnate
Stability analysis of multi-terminal DC distribution grids Yong Yu, 2020 Asimenia Korompili
Modellbasierte Fehlerdiagnose für DC Microgrids Liliuyuan Liang, 2020 Ting Wang
Model Based Fault Diagnosis for Photovoltaic Power Systems Manli Sun, 2020 Ting Wang
Probabilistic load forecasting of electric vehicle fleets using Artificial Neural Networks Jan Konopka, 2020 Charukeshi Joglekar,
Erdem Gümrükcü
Leveraging ensemble learning with AI-based forecasters to improve electrical load forecasting accuracy Oliver Weber, 2020 Henning Wilms
Operation, Control Design and Stability Anaylsis of Offshore Multi-terminal Medium Voltage DC Grids Tanmay Kadam, 2019 Sriram Gurumurthy,
Dr. Mathias Biskoping
Development of Coordinated Voltage Control in Distribution Grids considering Dynamic Phasor Simulations Junjie Zhang, 2019

Jan Dinkelbach,
Edoardo De Din

Flipped Classroom: Construction of an Interactive Teaching Platform applied to an EECS Undergraduate Course Kaspar Laaser, 2019 Steffen Vogel
Development of a Decentralized Agent System for Managing Electricity Usage within a Tenant Community Adnan Yaseen, 2019 Padraic McKeever
Data-Driven Method for Real-Time Voltage Control in Distribution Networks Alejandro Esteban Otero, 2019 Lisette Cupelli
Harmonic Stability Assessment and Design of Virtual Output Impedance Control for PV inverters in Futuristic Distribution Grids Sowmya Kanmontha Reddy, 2019 Sriram Gurumurthy
Monitoring of dc network for electric vehicle applications Shilpa Shreeprakash, 2019 Gaurav Kumar Roy
Decentralized Platform for National Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading Hristiyan Ivanov, 2019 Stephan Groß
Design and implementation of kernel-based data acquisition and native data processing algorithms on a single board computer based low cost PMU César Andrés Cazal, 2019 Gianluca Lipari
Multi-agent MPC protocols for microgrid energy management and optimization Pavel Elis, 2019 Gonca Gürses-Tran
Demand Side Management for Industrial consumers, considering a high share of Renewable Energies: A Techno-Economic Analysis Saurya Banerjee, 2019 Ivelina Stoyanova
On the optimal level of microgrid resilience from an economic perspective Sammit Vartak, 2019 Wilbert Rey Tarnate
Implementation of advanced monitoring for hybrid ac-dc grid Wenxu Sun, 2019 Gaurav Kumar Roy
Evaluation of a Swarm-Based Control Concept for Future Distribution Grids Ka-Ying Lee, 2019 Stefan Dähling
Small signal analysis for investigating slow interaction between power electronic elements in modern electrical power system Muhammad Shafiq, 2019 Aysar Musa
Active Disturbance Rejection Control for Converters in DC systems Martina Mariani, 2019 Asimenia Korompili
Modelling of a hybrid AC-DC grid for validation of real-time network reconfiguration algorithm Michele Sambiagio, 2019 Alberto Dognini
Abhinav Sadu
Design and Implementation of Task Migration Mechanism in Unikernel HermitCore Mavros Stefanos, 2019 Stefan Lankes
Distributed System-Level Control for Multi-Terminal DC Distribution Networks Miguel Berbegal Almohalla, 2019 Asimenia Korompili
Utilizing Multi-access Edge Computing for a District Level Energy Management Florian Peterssen, 2019 Stephan Groß
Evaluation of novel energy management concepts for EV chargers in future smart city infrastructure Ignacio Basallote Muñoz, 2019 Milica Bogdanovic
Control and Stability of Adaptive Synchroverter Deepak Deepak, 2019 Aysar Musa,
Sriram Gurumurthy
Protection Selectivity in Low-Voltage DC Grids through additional Line Capacitance Meet Shah, 2019 Wilbert Rey Tarnate
Stability Analysis of MMC control Schemes in HVDC Grids Muhammad Kamran Siddiqui, 2019 Aysar Musa
Development of a method for palletizing of disordered, flexible parts with camera-based detection and robot-guided gripping Jan Nestler, 2019 Prof. Antonello Monti
Development and Assessment of a Real-Time Electric Water Heating Control Algorithm Julian Bruhn, 2019 Gianluca Lipari
Development of a Dependency Analysis between Power System Simulation Components for their Parallel Processing Georg Reinke, 2019 Lukas Razik
Steffen Vogel
Markus Mirz
Forecast and Optimization Methods: Implementation of domestic hot water consumption forecast and hot water production optimization Kehan Liu, 2019 Igor Sowa
Control and Stability Analysis of DC Microgrids Considering Time-delays Xuan Zhang, 2019 Marco Cupelli
Distributed Optimal Power Flow based on Quasi-Newton Approach Debopama Sen Sarma, 2018 Lisette Cupelli
Optimal placement of switches in self healing distribution grids Bibek Mishra, 2018 Abhinav Sadu
Evaluation of cloud-based energy flexibility services using an intelligent energy management system in a local disctrict Lea Jasmin Riebesel, 2018 Michael Diekerhof
Analysis of Load Balancing Methods in Cloud Systems Marvin Lachmuth, 2018 Lukas Razik
Stochastic Optimization of Aggregated Domestic Batteries: Provision of Primary Control Reserve and Maximization of Self-Consumption Philipp Theile, 2018 Baptiste Feron
Implementation and Analysis of RDMA Communication in a Real-Time Co-Simulation Framework Dennis Pötter, 2018 Lukas Razik, Steffen Vogel
Extension of a Digital Real-Time Simulator with an FGPA/PCIe-connected Hardware Accelerator Daniel Krebs, 2018 Steffen Vogel
Voltage unbalance and harmonics compensation for virtual oscillator based converters in islanded microgrids Paulina del Carmen Munoz Valenzuela, 2018 Trung Tran Thai, Daviz Raisz
Distributed MVDC Grid Voltage Control for TSO-DSO Interactions Ankur Arohi, 2018 Lukas Razik, Edoardo De Din, Stefan Dähling
Adapted Methods from Statistical Process Control for Monitoring of Areas with Limited Data Availability Qiuyu Xu, 2018 Ivelina Stoyanova
Sensitivity analysis of distributed MPC for energy management at city-quarter level Avinandita Dutta, 2018 Ivelina Stoyanova
Multi-objective cross-domain optimization for Smart Cities Ferran Cortes Espasa, 2018 Ivelina Stoyanova
Active Disturbance Rejection Control in Multi-Terminal Systems Suvansh Srivastava, 2018 Asimenia Korompili
Virtual inertia-based decentralized and dynamic control of thermal loads for the stabilization of grid frequency Gaurav Shivkant Chingale, 2018 Amir Ahmadifar
Implementation of a model library for RMS system simulation of PV plants Markus Ewert, 2018 Baptiste Feron
Checkpoint/Restart for GPU-Accelerators in HPC-Clusters Niklas Eiling, 2018 Simon Pickartz
Improved Synchroverter for HVDC-based Transmission Systems Abhimanyu Kaushal, 2018 Aysar Musa
Design and Implementation of a Migration Mechanism for Container Solutions Klaus Nienhaus, 2018

Simon Pickartz

Stefan Lankes

Self-organized production logistics planning for an OPC UA-based CPPS using autonomous unmanned transport agents in cellular manufacturing systems Juan Gonzalo Parra Alvarez, 2018 Stephan Groß
Emergency Energy Management System for Blackout recovery in Microgrids Charukeshi Mayuresh Joglekar, 2018 Edoardo De Din
Fault Detection and Data Compression in Medium Voltage DC Grid by Real-Time Signal Processing Based on Wavelet Transform Yibo Wang, 2018

Ting Wang

Gaurav Kumar Roy

Development of a Control Solution for Microgrid-based Recovery from Blackouts Shaishav Trivedi, 2018 Padraic McKeever
Port Hamiltonian Modelling and Control of Microgrids Siddharth Kiranbhai Bhanderi, 2018 Marco Cupelli
A study on the applicability of blockchain for the operation of smart distribution grid Akshay Jindal, 2018

Abhinav Sadu

Dhruvin Patel

Distributed Secondary Control of Multi-Terminal MVcd Distribution Systems with Distributed Energy Resources Petros Pandis, 2018 Asimenia Korompili
Use of electric heat pumps flexibility for distribution system congestion management Jan Martin Dix, 2018 Marco Pau
Distributed optimization for solving MILPs in energy management problems for residential districts Corinna Buhlrich, 2018 Michael Diekerhof
Probabilistic Residential Load Forecasting based on LSTM Recurrent Neural Networks: Implemetation and Assessment Guillermo Moraleda Conejo, 2018

Antonello Monti

Baptiste Feron

Development of an optimization tool based on Evolutionary Algorithm for The Operation of Smart Distribution Grids Carlos Fernández del Valle, 2018 Stefan Lankes
Evaluation of Rust for Operating System Development and Porting Key Components of the Unikernel HermitCore Colin Finck, 2018 Stefan Lankes
Design of a Checkpointing Mechanism for Containerized MPI Applications Jonas Frederik Baude, 2018 Simon Pickartz
Modelling and Simulation of Rotating Machines using Electromagnetic Transient Variables and Dynamic Phasors for a Real-Time Solver Viviane Maria Sapucaia-Gunzenhauser, 2018 Markus Mirz
Parallele Optimierung für Demand Response Architekturen - Herausforderungen, Anforderungen, Anwendungen Sebastian Schwarz, 2018 Michael Diekerhof
Microgrid Control - An Active Disturbance Rejection Approach Diala M. A. Nouti, 2018 Marco Cupelli
Modellierung von Netzen zur Anbindung von Offshorewindkraftanlagen an HGÜ-Netzanschlusssysteme David Santiago Lozano, 2018 Robert Ferdinand
Design and Implementation of a High Performance Network Interface for the Unikernel HermitCore Annika Christina Wierichs, 2018 Stefan Lankes

Development of a FPGA based Flexible Solar Array Simulator for Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing of Commercial PV Inverters

Nabhaswati Bhuyan, 2018 Robert Uhl
Design of a grid topology identification scheme using the Power Line Communication technology Luiz Henrique Ravagnani Bueno, 2018 Abhinav Sadu
Extension and analyze of existing techniques to create efficient checkpoints for scalable applications Lukas Hönnighausen, 2018 Stefan Lankes
Design and Impementation of a Laboratory Scale DC Microgrid with Voltage Regulation and Load Following Alireza Ahadpour Shal, 2018 Baptiste Feron
Developement of a simulation platform for testing of real-time storage management Limin Zheng, 2018 Marco Pau
A study on the modelling of the distribution automation systems using Petri Nets Huiyuan Xiao, 2017 Abhinav Sadu
Analysis and application of game-theoretical concepts for the use in demand response programs within city districts Sebastian Hecker, 2017 Michael Diekerhof
Model Predictive Control enabling Flexible Operation of Data Centers Tianyou Shao, 2017 Lisette Cupelli
Modellierungs- und optimierungsbasierte Regelung eines dynamischen Laststeuerungssystems für aktive Verteilnetze Arsam Aryandoust, 2017 Baptiste Feron
Stability Analysis for a Power Hardware in the Loop Setup for Wind Turbines Alexander Beckmann, 2017 Anica Berthold
Modeling of building energy systems for cloud-based city district simulations Quanyi Lin, 2017 Ivelina Stoyanova
A study on the modelling of the distribution automation systems using Petri Nets Huiyuan Xiao, 2017 Abhinav Sadu
Distributed Intelligence in the Smart Grid: Combining Multi-Agent Systems and Decentralized Optimization Algorithms for Customer-Centric Demand Side Management under Uncertainty Fritz Arnold, 2017 Michael Diekerhof
Load capability analysis of electrical distribution grids in the context of decentralized Energy Systems Lena Faßbender, 2017 Tim Schlösser
Development of an emergency control scheme of photovoltaic power generation systems in HIL environment Zhuo Wang, 2017 Edoardo De Din

Supply of energy for productive use through rural mini-grids in emerging markets

Enoma Tatah, 2017 Tim Schlösser
Design and Implementation of a real-time co-simulation platform to study the performance of LTE for smart grid applications Mustapha Aref, 2017 Abhinav Sadu
Selection of Pilot Nodes for Zone-based Voltage Control in HV Transmission Systems Javier Tendillo Ruiz, 2017 Lisette Cupelli
Extending the UniKernel HermitCore for Better Utilization of High Bandwidth Memory Lei Yan, 2017 Stefan Lankes
Modeling and Control of Synchronverters for Power Grid Stabilization Considering High Penertration of Renewable Energies Yazhini Dhanalakshmi Gunasekaran, 2017 Aysar Musa
Modeling of building energy systems for cloud-based city district simulations Quanyi Lin, 2017 Ivelina Stoyanova
Development of a Method to Evaluate the Quality of the Grid Connection of Offshore Wind Farms Philipp Melzer, 2017 Robert Ferdinand
Development of a Multi-Agent System for Microgrid-bades Recovery from Blackouts Yue Lu, 2017 Padraic McKeever
The use of household battery storage units for the provision of primary control power Andey Hartl, 2017 Baptiste Feron
Modelling, Simulation and Cross-Domain Optimization for Smart Cities Erdem Gümrükcü, 2017 Ivelina Stoyanova
Uncertainty Information in Artificial Neural Networks for Load Forecasting Lars Wagner, 2017 Stephan Groß
Implementation, Validation and Comparison of Fault Detection Algorithms for Grid-level Protection of Future MVDC Grids Jessica Heimbach, 2017 Robert Uhl
Design and Implementation of an IEC 61850 based real-time monitoring system for multi-terminal dc grids Gaurav Kumar Roy, 2017 Abhinav Sadu
Analysis of distributed optimization techniques for demand side management considering low voltage grid and market constraints Thilo Weiken, 2017 Michael Diekerhof
Implementation and Runtime Analyis of a Modelica Model Generation from CIM Topology Data with the Aid of a Template Engine Taojin Li, 2017 Lukas Razik
Assessment of the Energy Flecibility in Data Centers through operation of UPS Batteries Barve Nikhil Jayant, 2017 Lisette Cupelli
On the Application of System Level Control Strategies for Dual Active Bridge based MVDC Microgrids Sriram Karthik Gurumurthy, 2017 Marco Cupelli
Automatic Voltage Selection/ RegulationSystem in DC (and AC) Smart homes Brian Schwandt, 2017 Antonino Riccobono
Investigation on a PMV based fault location algorithm for distribution network by means of real time simulation Guodong Fan, 2017 Abhinav Sadu, Marco Pau, Xiang Wu
Design and analysis of droop controller with virtual complex impedance for parallel ac-dc converters Amir Ahmadifar, 2016 Asimenia Korompili
Development of a distributed Hardware Multi-Agent-System for the Energy Management at House Level Manoel Brunnen, 2016 Baptiste Feron
Modeling and Simulation of Swarm-based ancillary Services in Distribution grids Stefan Dähling, 2016 Timo Isermann
Development of Grid Supportung Control Strategies considering Battery Storage Systems Jan Dinkelbach, 2016 Markus Mirz, Tim Schlösser
Adaptive Droop Control Methods in Multi-Terminal MVDC Systems Georgios Georgiadis, 2016 Asimenia Korompili
Development of a Hardware-in-the-Loop-Simulation for a Wind Turbine System Test Bench with H-Infinity-Control Christoph Seitz Alexander Helmedag
Sensitivity analysis of a household enery management system established over a market-based Multi Agent System approach Dimitar Stanev, 2016 Baptiste Feron
Computational Control and Protection Methods in Multiterminal HVDC Systems Lorenzo Sabug, 2016 Aysar Musa
Development of a modular and fully-digital PCIe-based Real-Time Digital Simulator Steffen Vogel, 2016 Marija Stevic, Stefan Lankes
Setup of a test environment for cloud-based energy services Mirco Przewloka, 2016 Stephan Groß
Development of an assessment model for DSOs to determine the technical and economic potential of building LES micro-grids for new I&C connection points Kilian Kröger Lisette Cupelli
Aggregated flexibility of industrial loads for integration into a Virtual power Plant Florian Krause Marija Stevic
Design and implementation of a State Estimation Algorithm for Hybrid ac-dc Grids Suresh Rajan Pillai Abhinav Sadu
Accuracy and stability improvement of a Power-Hardware-in-the-Loop system via Modified Damping Impedance Method for testing of DC Microgrid Eyke Liegmann Antonino Riccobono
Hardware in the loop implementation of the wideband identification of Three - Phase AC power Grid Impedances using an Existing Grid-tied Power Electronics Inverter Siyu Chai Antonino Riccobono
Hardware in the loop implementation of the wideband identification of Single- Phase AC power Grid Impedances using an Existing Grid-tied Power Electronics Inverter Syed Khurram Abbas Naqvi Antonino Riccobono
Future Internet implementation of distribution grid automation Paulthi Victor Berla Padraic McKeever
Development of Day-Ahead Optimisation Algorithms for Railway Energy Management Systems Marlon Fleck Sarah Kayyamim
A statistics-based generation algorithm for distribution grid topologies Eran Schweitzer Kanali Togawa
Decentralized Optimization for Multi-Agent-Based Energy Management Systems in Smart Cities Sonja Kolen Christoph Molitor
Evaluation von Techniken zur Prozessmigation für InfiniBand-basierte Rechnerverbundsysteme Sebastian Opitz Stefan Lankes
Definition of requierements and sprecifications for monitoring systems in dynamic distribution grids Igor Demchuk Andrea Angioni
Development and characterization of real time monitoring functions for distribution networks Jingnan Shang Andrea Angioni
Nonlinear Control with Disturbance Estimation for the Stabilisation of DC Grids Markus Robert Mirz Marco Cupelli
Energy management system for production plants Alexander Kania unknown
Development of Day-Ahead Optimisation Algorithms for Railway Energy Management Systems Marlon Fleck Sara Khayyamim
Hardware in the Loop Simulation and Comparison of different Control Algorithms for Stability in DC Systems Martin De Paz Carro Marco Cupelli
Development of a fail-safe, Multi-Agent-based Electric Vehicle Energy Management System Demonstrator Dirk Bergers Timo Isermann
Design eines effizienten, auf einem Multi-Agenten basierenden Energiemanagementsystems in zukünftigen Elektrofahrzeugen Simon Sester, 2013 Timo Isermann
Entwurf und Realisierung eines Überwachungssystems für die Energiezentrale des Continental Reifenwerks Aachen Xingyi Wang, 2013 Xiang Wu
Intervall-Prognose der kurzfristigen Belastung basiert auf Support Vector Machine (SVM) unter Berücksichtigung von Unsicherheit Min Tang, 2012 Junjie Tang
Modellierung und Regelung eines Multiterminal Mittelspannungs-Gleichstromnetzes Huiting Xin, 2012 Lin Zhu
Simulation zum Design von Smart-Grid-Regelungen: Ein Testfall Tushar Batra, 2012 Andrea Benigni
Weitberechnungsfrequenzreglung mit adaptivem Lastabwurf Chang Lu, 2012 Junjie Tang
Vergleich der Algorithmen für Synchrophasor- und Frequenzschätzung unter Dynamischen Bedingungen Dinh Thuc Duong, 2011 Junqi Liu
Äquivalente blindleistungsneutrale Niederspannungsverteilnetze Amos Okiemute German, 2011 Marco Cupelli
Kompatibilitätsprüfung und Auswahl von dynamischen Modellen der Betriebsmittel für Stabilitätsanalysen Shoaib Asif, 2011 Marco Cupelli
Dimensionierung eines Stromrichters für Power Hardware-In-The-Loop Simulation Adil M.E. Abdalrahman, 2010 Alexander Helmedag
Entwicklung eines fortgeschrittenen Verteilernetz-Modells zur Verwendung in einem Echtzeit-Simulator Chenjie Ma, 2010 Alexander Helmedag
Control Design for a High Frequency Power Hardware-In-The-Loop Interface Grzegorz Pilatowicz, 2010 Andrea Benigni
A Comperative Study of Opal-RT and RTDS Simulation Results in a MVDC microgrid Mojtaba Moghimi, 2014 Marco Cupelli
Considerations for the Design of a Data-driven Distributed Artificial Intelligence (DAI)-based Monitoring System for Distribution Systems Behzad Zargar, 2014 Mohsen Ferdowsi
Design of an Electric Vehicle Charge Authorization Routine Using an Artificial Intelligent Method Ghazaleh Fati, 2014 Mohsen Ferdowsi
Implementation of Optimization Algorithms for an Energy management System of Future Electric Vehicles based on Multi-Agent Technology John Wedig, 2014 Timo Isermann

Diploma Theses

  • Marie Loise Nolden: "Design and Development of Adaptable Software for Industrial Automation Systems", 2014 (Supervisors: Antonello Monti and Stefan Lankes)
  • Gregor Rohbogner: "Meta Device Profiles for interoperable Control of Micro CHP Units in an Agent Based Smart Grid", 2011 (Supervisors: Alexander Helmedag and Bettina Schäfer)