Resiliency and Interoperability in Smart Grids


The Smart Grid and, more generally, power systems, are examples of complex adaptive systems. A coupled infrastructure of electric, communication, and other networks is built and operated to provide electric energy to consumer with a high reliability. However, heterogeneous components in these networks, mutual interdependencies and numerous different interactions between components pose a constant challenge to this goal. The continuous integration of new technologies and protocols as well as novel approaches for grid operation add to this challenge. Our team is dedicated to address these challenges by

  • Investigating algorithms for Fault Localization, Isolation and Service Restoration, as well as fault-tolerant control approaches, for self-healing grids
  • Evaluating reliability and resiliency of power systems based on Complex Network Analysis and stochastic modelling
  • Applying Global Sensitivity Analysis to identify critical components and investigate the propagation of uncertainty
  • Design experiments for interoperability testing

Team Leader: Nikolaus Wirtz


Research Projects of the Team


FEN ESCape: Einheitliche Schutzarchitektur für DC-Netze auf System- und Komponentenebene

A mature protection architecture for smart power grids of the future, in particular direct current (DC) grids, is the key to the broad acceptance and market penetration of these grids. Requirements based on application scenarios will be evaluated for the necessary protection architecture, and the individual protection components. In addition, the higher-level coordination of all components involved in protection will be adapted to these requirements. Furthermore, the individual faults must be automatically detected, localized and cleared. In turn, reliable protection components are required to clear the faults, depending on the requirements imposed by the grid used. More



The four years project HYPERRIDE, starting on 1st October 2020, contributes to the field implementation of DC and hybrid AC-DC grids. Starting with the definition of most relevant fields of application for DC grids (local microgrids, grid enforcement to overcome congestions, coupling of AC grid sections, etc.), the enabling technologies will be specified in detail on different levels. More


Open DEI

The Digital Transformation strategy of the European Union has, among others, a particular priority: the creation of common data platforms based on a unified architecture and an established standard. Manufacturing, agriculture, energy and healthcare represent key fields for the deployment of the EU strategy for digitalisation. More



Platone is a H2020 European Project, which aims at defining new approaches to increase the observability of renewable energy resources and of the less predictable loads while exploiting their flexibility. Platone will develop advanced management platforms to unlock grid flexibility and realize an open and non-discriminatory market, linking users, aggregators, and operators. The solutions developed in the project will be tested in European field trials as well as in the ACS laboratory. More


ALigN - Ausbau von Ladeinfrastruktur durch gezielte Netzunterstützung

ALigN aims at reducing NOx and CO2 emission in the city of Aachen by promoting electro-mobility with demand-oriented development and expansion of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. More


DEFENDER - Defending the European Energy Infrastructures

DEFENDER addresses the emerging challenges associated with the proactive protection and fast restoration to mitigate physical or cyber incidents or attacks and most importantly combined cyber-physical attacks of the power transmission and distribution grid network infrastructure, which lies at the heart of any Critical Energy Infrastructure (CEI). More