Simulation Methods and Automation Software Solutions


The team "Simulation Methods & Automation Software Solutions" focuses on the development of a cloud based framework for testing new power system automation systems. This framework consists of modular and reusable building blocks for real-time simulation experiments as well as the integration of automation algorithms and standard data models. In the context of real-time simulation, the team investigates new solver concepts to build a scalable and flexible simulator that bridges the gap between the classical power system modelling domains. 


Team Leader: Jan Dinkelbach


Research Projects of the Team



HVDC-WISE is a 3.5-years European project supported by the European Union’s Horizon Europe programme, which started in 2022. Main goal of the project is to propose a number of reliable and resilient HVDC grid configurations that will lay the groundwork for a future integrated EU-GB transmission system. The project gathers 14 front-runner members bringing together academia, research institutes, a consulting service company and five TSOs. This allows a focused consideration of a range of potential R&R solutions, answering key resilience questions that are applicable to all HVDC developments. More



The main goal of the InterSTORE project consists in developing an innovative middleware that, while virtualizing storage technologies, will simplify their management and use from the point of view of the integration platform thanks to a technology agnostic approach. More


ERIGrid 2.0

ERIGrid 2.0 expands the research services and tools of the research infrastructure of the ERIGrid-1 project for validating smart energy networks with an electric backbone. More



I-NERGY is an H2020 European Project, which aims at delivering an energy-specific open modular framework for supporting AI-on-Demand in the energy sector (AI4 Energy), by capitalising on state-of-the-art AI, as well as IoT, semantics and data analytics technologies. I-NERGY will enable AI-based cross-sector multistakeholder analytic tools for integrated and optimised smart energy management, based on seamless data-information-knowledge exchange under respective sovereignty and regulatory principles. More