The future electricity network envisioned by READY4DC will be characterized by a growing role of multi-terminal multi-vendor (MTMV) HVDC solutions within the current AC transmission networks both onshore and offshore. READY4DC is contributing to this synergistic process by enabling commonly agreed definitions of interoperable modelling tools, model sharing platforms, clear processes for ensuring interoperability, and an appropriate legal and political framework.



Ilka Jahn

Junior Research Group Leader: "Design and Verification of Control and Protection in DC Systems” & Team Advanced Control Methods for Power Systems and HiL


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Jaqueline Cabanas Ramos

Team Advanced Control Methods for Power Systems and HiL


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Project Partners:

The project partners are: ENTSO-E (, University of Groningen ( , SuperGrid Institute (, T&D Europe (, Tennet ( and WindEurope (

  Overview of the WP units

Expected Outcome:

The project is supporting all the preparatory phases among all stakeholders (HVDC systems manufacturers, TSOs, wind turbine manufacturers and windfarm developers) leading to a demonstration project to de-risk the technology to enable the installation of the first Multi-Vendor Multi-Terminal HVDC system with Grid Forming Capability in Europe.

Measurable Objectives:

  1. Define an approach to a common modelling and simulation framework, and data sharing principles for multi-vendor HVDC interaction studies and large-scale EMT simulations
  2. Define a technically justified legal Framework for the Realisation of Multi-vendor HVDC systems
  3. Definition of roles, responsibilities and methods needed within the interoperability process
  4. Enable from a technical and commercial perspective the first multi-vendor multi-terminal multi-purpose HVDC system with Grid Forming Capability
  5. Definition of required activities to develop a vision for the future of the European Energy system
  6. Creation of a large diverse community of stakeholders for each of the topics covered by the work of READY4D

Project Concept:

The topics addressed by READY4DC require a variety of competences. For this reason, the operations are structured in a set of Working Groups. Working Groups collects experts from within the Consortium but also from the wider European community.

Together with these WG, an overarching Steering group (WG4) interacts with the topic WG and define the short- and long-term vision for the future of power grids in relation to DC. Goal of each WG, including the steering group, is the preparation of white papers that represent the conclusions reached by the experts for the corresponding topics.

Role of RWTH in the Project:

RWTH is leading the WP4-Framing the future European energy system and the WP6-Project Management

  • WP4

WP4 extracts from the work done in the other WPs, and formulates the major lessons learned in the process of shaping a vision that will enable the future energy system in Europe. As such WP4 provides the key components of exploitation for the project.

  • WP6

The primary objective of this work package is to ensure co-ordination, co-operation and cohesion within the consortium regarding Management and Contractual matters related to the project. It guarantees smooth operation of the project, ensuring that the project carries out all activities according to the detailed project plan. It will interface the European Commission and prepare all agreements and interface external communities.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe Research and Innovation program under grant agreement No. 101069656.

Project Details:

Duration: 1 April 2022 – 31 October 2023
Grant agreement: No. 101069656